Catering Menu for The Ski Trip Weekend

UBAA offers a catering option for those who do not wish to cook.  While each condo has a full kitchen with utensils for cooking, consider taking advantage of the excellent and professional catering service provided by Rembrant Catering (Chef Vinson Boyce is a Black Bruin)

The catered option includes dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings, Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning, and luncheon meat, chips, drinks, and condiments for bag lunch for those who wish to eat while on the mountain.


While there are excellent restaurants to eat in the town of Mammoth, but between Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch as well as getting to those places (there are excellent free shuttle services), cost may exceed the $75 for adults and $20 for kids (4-10 years old), and you’ll miss the fellowship of the group. 

For those opting to not take advantage of the catering option, there will be a bus stop in Mojave at a grocery store in order to buy food.  Most condos have seasoning, but that is not a guarantee.



Friday Evening Menu (6:30pm-8:30)

Carne Asada Tacos , Chicken Tacos , Spanish Rice , Black Beans , Mexican Salad , Tortilla Chips, Sour Cream, Cheese, Salsa, Spicy Ranch, Pico De Gallo ,Ice Tea  

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Saturday/Sunday Morning Menu (7:00am-8:30am)

Orange Juice, Coffee/Tea, Milk 2%, Apple Juice, Buttery Grits, Scrambled Eggs, Cheesy Eggs, Hash Browns, Belgian Waffles, Pork Bacon & Turkey Sausage

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Saturday/Sunday Lunch Snacks Available For

Meal Plan Participants Onlyl

Juice Boxes, Bottle Water, Cold Cuts, Cheese, Assorted Chips, Whole Fruit, Package Snacks
Lunch Bags and Zip Lock Bags available for travel

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Kid's Meals (Age 10 And Under)

Meals include Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dogs, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Associated Box Cereal . 
Children 3 and under eat free!!

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Saturday Evening Menu (6:30pm-8:00pm)

Turkey Meat Loaf, Vegetarian   Texas Chili, Herbed & Brown Rice, Broccoli Salad, Gravy, Banana Pudding, Ice Tea

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Vegan and Vegetarian Option

We offer vegan and vegetarian options. Please buy the catering option for vegan or vegetarian

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