28th Annual Black Ski Weekend

We had an amazing time at the 28th Annual Black Ski Weekend. Two charter buses departed Hawthorne, CA headed straight to Mammoth. For the first year ever, we featured the “Turn Up Bus,” for those of us who wanted to party for the ride up. After making it up the mountain we all met up for the Welcome Party. There was dominoes, dancing, hot-tubbing, and best of all music trivia!

Saturday morning everyone broke off to do whatever they pleased. Some hit the slopes to ski or snowboard, while others opted for the more fun alternative: tubing. Eventually we all regrouped for lunch at the Lakanuki Tiki Bar, where we ate, danced a little more, and watched a few college basketball games. Later, on Saturday night we had a bowling party. The Black Bruin Kids took over the lanes from 7:30 – 9:00 pm then the adults got their moment to shine. Everyone had such a great time at bowling that we had to keep the party going at an after party hosted by no other than the amazing Nijah Nelms.

Sadly, we had to pack our bags Sunday morning to go home. We loaded up the buses then got to spend our last hours in Mammoth. Many opted to get their last few moments on the slopes. While others just took in the scenery and enjoyed the last few moments of bliss.

There was significant student participation thanks to the kind sponsorship of some of our alumni. The students were more than appreciative for the opportunity, taking every opportunity to say thank you for the kindness. For some of them it was actually their first time in the snow. Such an amazing sight to see the pure joy on the students’ faces as they enjoyed Mammoth on their Spring Break.

It was a great weekend to be a Black Bruin. So many classes were represented. So many new relationships were formed. And most importantly, friends from far and wide were able to reunite for one weekend, without being rushed or feeling the pressures associated with everyday life. It was truly a phenomenal experience, one that will remain in our hearts and cherished in our memories, forever.


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